Inspired by the beauty of our surroundings...

Stephanie designs jewellery and objects that encapsulate the magic of nature and the treasures found within our world. Seashells are a dominant theme throughout Stephanie’s work, this fascination developed during her childhood. Every year, when her family would holiday by the beach, Stephanie and her mother would walk along the seashore collecting shells of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Stephanie loves the natural form and colouring of seashells and has used various surface embellishment techniques, such as roller-printing and enamelling, throughout her work to create realistic detail in each piece. 

Aquata, earrings, 925 silver, brass

  • Ariel, earrings, brass, copper

  • Athena, necklace, copper

  • Amanda, brooch, brass, steel

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This vessel is another example of how Stephanie applies texture to her work. The detail on this vessel was achieved by acid etching the copper.

Ayla, vessel, copper, patina

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As Stephanie's practice develops she wishes to further explore the art of enamel, she feels she has only scratched the surface of what is possible with this medium.

Alana, object, copper, enamel

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Stephanie has an interest in designing rings and plans to make rings a focal point of her future practice.

Adella, ring, 925 silver P½

  • Atlas, ring, brass, S½

  • Ava, ring, brass, Q½

  • Avery, ring, brass, N½

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